3 Counties Organs is the official UK distributor for the Organnery classical organ sound generation system.

Do you own an organ which has seen better days or does not produce the sound you are looking for? Provided that the console is serviceable, we can update or replace your electronics, saving you thousands of pounds against the cost of a new instrument. 

What is Organnery?

The Organnery system is built around the open source classical organ modelling software   Aeolus, created by Fons Adriaensen, a highly respected developer of audio software for Linux operating systems. Aeolus uses additive synthesis to produce extremely realistic sounds and can be fully voiced to the player’s taste.

Midi Electronics

We work with our good friends at Hauptwerk Hardware to bring you high quality, easy-to-use midi encoders and associated electronics.

Electronic Organ Parts

We have a stock of used items you may useful if you are building your own instrument, including pedalboards, keyboards and expression pedals. Please contact us with your requirements.

Cost effective consoles & Keyboards

What are the options if I want to create my own instrument?

iPad based classical organ software

Use your iPad to host your digital organ.

Used Organs

We do from time to time offer selected used instruments for sale.